In my time teaching, I’ve created many resources for my students and my classroom. Many of these are language arts units or individual assessment tasks, but others are just for fun. See below for downloads of some of my favorite resources from my classroom!

Passion Project

This student-driven informational writing & public speaking unit is based entirely on students’ passions.

Narrative Writing

Promote storytelling with your students, focusing on narrative skills.


A unit that combines the development poetic analysis skills & low-stakes poetry writing for enjoyment.

Thesis Guide

A quick printable guide to writing thesis statements for your students. A great resource for beginning writers.

Text Evidence Task Cards

A great assessment of your students’ knowledge of textual evidence. I love to use it following my movie trailers lesson!

Week Calendars

Looking to try some self-pacing? Check out my structural element for students to plan out their week. There are a few of my examples & a blank planner!

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